Cocklestorm Fencing Ltd

Cocklestorm have been fence panel manufacturers for over 30 years. By concentrating on good quality and competitive prices, Cocklestorm have become the North West's leader in fencing supplies.

We vet all of the fence erectors that we recommend and check that they work in accordance with our high standards. We stand by any work carried out on our recommendations.

At Cocklestorm Fencing we pride ourselves on being honest. With this in mind, we would like to remind customers that timber is a natural product which can split, warp, discolour and expand. All these characteristics are normal and in no way affect the longevity of the product. A coat of any kind of oil, spirit or wax-based preservative should give some protection against cracking and splitting. Annual treatment will give the best life expectancy.

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Cocklestorm Fencing Ltd,
Radcliffe Freight Terminal,
Bury Road,
Manchester M26 2UT

+44 1617 249595

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