Country Fresh Pullets

Country Fresh Pullets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lloyds Animal Feeds rearing over 7 million pullets a year.

We are the UK’s largest independent pullet rearers, rearing pullets for egg production including Colony Free Range and Organic.

What does Country Fresh do?
Country Fresh buy day old commercial laying strain hybrid breed chicks and rear them to point of lay, which is approximately 15-17 weeks of age. They are then supplied to customers prior to the birds starting to lay eggs.

Country Fresh rear all types of egg producing pullets, including birds for the Colony Free Range and Organic markets.

Country Fresh have pullets available all year round, however it is best to order well in advance to ensure customer requirements can be met and stock is available.

Country Fresh can cater for orders from only 6 pullets up to 200,000 and beyond, and have the ability to deliver country wide.

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SY10 8BH

01691 830741

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