Crossgates Bioenergetics Ltd

Suppliers of Natural Bioenergetic Health Remedies for livestock, equine, pets & poultry. Unique Energetic testing service for underlying problems. Suppliers of Apple Cider Vinegar, Seaweed & Probiotics.

Bioenergetics is a very popular system of holistic energy medicine which has evolved from Homeopathy. Bioenergetics has a positive effect on the vital force of the body and assists it in built a defence mechanism to heal itself. When unwell the bodies energetic systems are unbalanced, by correcting these imbalances with the appropriate remedy the body is able to naturally start to heal. The immune system is stimulated to overcome the symptoms, restore overall health and combat the stress and discomfort illness can cause. Like other energy medicine Bioenergetic remedies do not contain any material or physical amount of the original substance, only the energy or vibration is left.

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Crossgates Bioenergetics Ltd,
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