Dairymaster (UK) Ltd.

Dairymaster, a world leader in dairy equipment manufacturing, operates from its head office in Causeway, Co. Kerry, Ireland as well as having operations in the UK and USA. Dairymaster has customers in over 40 countries worldwide. The company was founded in 1968 by Ned Harty.

Dairymaster has reached this position in the market because we offer our customers significant performance advantages due to our emphasis on research and development.

Dairymaster has a wide innovative product range including milking equipment, automatic scrapers, automatic feeders, milk cooling tanks, heat detection systems plus much more!

The continued growth of the Dairymaster brand worldwide and the increased demand for Dairymaster equipment is due to its popularity with farmers all over the world, who value the high performance capabilities of the equipment and its innovative features.

Over the past five decades, Dairymaster has researched all aspects of dairy farming and dairy herd management from its own in-house R&D department and has developed unique technologically advanced solutions aimed at making dairy farming more profitable by reducing long term costs and labour inputs. We vigorously test our products through scientific trials in order to achieve peak performance capabilities.

Dairymaster products operate effectively on farms with cow numbers ranging from 40 cows to 10,000 cows, this is due to the modular format of Dairymaster's products. Many of the products operate effectively as stand alone products however most are capable of being upgraded and integrated into a fully computerised milking parlor with the capability of automatically monitoring the progress of each individual animals yield and the overall management of the parlor.

Lastly, Dairymaster's personal approach and accessibility to its customers ensures that its service doesn't end with the sale. Indeed, our aftercare service, on-going customer support and constant monitoring of product performance in the marketplace, has given the company an up to the minute understanding of all aspects of the industry as it evolves. This in-depth industry knowledge has allowed parallel development of products to satisfy dairy farmers' needs in today's highly competitive farming environment.

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