Danagri-3S supplies SKIOLD Mill & Mix Equipment and Machinery

SKIOLD are the leading supplier in Europe of Mill & Mix equipment, their first mill being constructed in 1877. Innovation, along with tried and tested products, technical backup, research and development, make Skiold the natural choice for both farmers and commercial feed manufacturers. There is a core belief in quality and reliability that is becoming increasingly important in modern livestock farming.

Utilise your own grain. Transporting grain off your farm and feed back in is a major cost in modern animal feed production.
Freshness. The feed you want when you need it.
Control over feed quality.
Control over raw material use.
Quick response to changing nutritional needs.
Utilise independent nutrition advice.
More labour? Modern systems can be fully automated.
Power use? Modern equipment is power efficient.
Utilise home produced electricity.
Potential business opportunity.

The Essential Elements
Weighing, milling, mixing, control, conveying and storage.

Accurate weighing is the cornerstone of any mill and mix system. Danagri-3S supply Skiold load cells that are accurate to 0.1% or better. These load cells can be fitted either to the various mixers we can supply or to the more specialised pre-mixing weigh bins. These weighing bins cater for the pre-mix weighing of feed components to enable a higher output of the mill and mix plant. Their capacities range from 300 to 2500kg and are built in a modular fashion enabling future extension if required.

For more accurate weighing of micro ingredients a Skiold Mini-Proportioner can be used to dose very small amounts to an accuracy of 25g.

SKIOLD Disc Mills from Danagri-3S - patented milling equipmentThe consumption of energy in a mill and mix plant is largely influenced by the milling process. SKIOLD have produced the Disc Mill, a patented milling system that significantly reduces the power use during milling. It is designed for the optimum results in producing animal feedstuffs and with its manually or automatically controlled grinding settings produces a feed structure to suit all ages and classes of stock.

There is a range of three mills: the SK2500, SK5000 and the SK10T which can grind between 1000 and 12000kg of wheat per hour with a power consumption of 5.5 to 75kw. These mills run at a much lower noise level (80db) than traditional hammer mills, produce much less dust and have low power consumption (around 5.0kwh) per tonne milled.

Danagri-3S recommend the use of a Screen Cleaner to ensure the maximum efficiency, highest quality feed and minimum repair costs to the Disc Mill. Click here for more details on the SKIOLD Screen Cleaner.

SKIOLD Hammermills from Danagri-3SThe SKIOLD Hammermill range caters for capacities of up to 2.5 tonnes/hour with power consumption from 5.5 kW to 37 kW. There are three models in the range and all come with the capacity of conveying materials from 30 metres to 80 metres. This conveying capacity is dependent upon the number of fan wings required for each model in the range. Each model is also fitted with a stone trap in the suction pipe to trap anything that is heavier than the grain, helping to prevent damage to the hammer mill and the time and cost of repair.

The SKIOLD Horizontal Mixer from Danagri-3SHomogeneity is the key word in the mixing process. We are looking for a uniform mix in the shortest possible time without damaging the structure of the feed.

Danagri-3S can supply a range of equipment whose mixing capabilities range from 1 to 12 t/hour. All can be fitted with Skiold load cells to allow accurate weighing and automation.

Skiold Unimix Inclined Mixers have a capacity of 500 to 1500kg per mix. The slow turning 250mm mixing auger on the Unimix 1000 and 1500 machines mix material efficiently without damaging the structure (they are well suited to mixing coarse cattle feed). These two machines can mix up to 6% oil efficiently.

The Skiold H-2000 Horizontal Mixer uses a double ribbon type mixer auger easily achieving an industry standard mixing coefficient of variation ≤ 5% on a mixture of 1:100,000. This machine can efficiently mix up to 10% oil in the ration. In order to improve output the H-2000 can be fitted with a Pre-bin and Discharge Bin giving it the capacity of up to 12 tonnes per hour without losing feed quality. The use of Hardox steel in its construction make this machine the long life and low maintenance heart of the system.

Danagri-3S offers a range of control options to cater for the different needs and expectations of our customers. We can supply a simple read out from a set of load cells to a fully automated system with PC connection, production history, stock control and remote access.

The SKIOLD FlexMix Mill & Mix control system from Danagri-3SThe P-200 from Skiold is in a robust plastic box with three operating buttons, a function control lamp and a large five digit display. It will give read outs from a set of load cells and can be used to switch off a mill, auger etc., once a pre-set weight is reached.

Hampshire Feeding SystemsThe MixManager is available from Hampshire Feeding Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Danagri-3S. The MixManager computer control system used for mixing in wet feed systems can be fully utilised in the control of a mill and mix plant. This gives access to the range of service, expertise and spares that HFS customers across the UK have to call on. MixManager can be connected to a PC, it is of modular build and the system can be extended.

Flexmix from Skiold is the bespoke, fully automated mill and mix control system that can be individually designed for each mill and mix plant. This customising reduces costs while still allowing the system to be extended at a future date. The tailor made control panel (including all starters, relays and inverters) features a flow diagram with control lamp display and push button manual override. The Flexmix handles up to 50 recipes and 50 raw materials per recipe. Connection to a PC facilitates production reports on financial, nutritional and physical data. The mill plant operation can be monitored from the farm office or remotely through the internet. This enables Skiold engineers to gain access for the purpose of fault finding or updates.

Whether it is moving 1 tph of meal or 130 tph of grain Danagri-3S supply a range of Skiold equipment that is designed to do the job. Elevators, chain conveyors, u-trough augers, tube augers, flexible augers and cable and disc systems all have their place from rapid movement of grain to the gentle conveying of finished feed. These machines can be supplied with a wide range of inlets and outlets either manually or automatically operated. They are gearmotor driven and are built to a high specification for longevity and low maintenance.

Elevators. There is a range of five bucket elevators with heights from 5 metres to 40 metres, a power use of 1.1kw to 30kw and lifting 15 to 200 tonnes per hour of grain.

Chain Conveyors offer the same range of three machines 5m to 50 metres long, 1.5 to 22kw, conveying 40 to 200 tonnes of grain per hour.

U-Tough Augers come in sizes of 100, 150 and 200mm capable of conveying materials up to distances of 45 metres.

Tube Augers. Skiold offer a great range in both 102 and 152mm tube augers and fittings. click here for more information

Flexible augers, indispensable for conveying feed in difficult situations, they come in 75 and 90mm diameters.

Cable and Disc Conveyors.
The Transpork system uses a rubber alloy coating bonded on the cable which ensures flexibility and longevity of the system. Transpork comes in two sizes and can come with a range of controllers, automated inlets/outlets that can be tailored to both conveying and feeding systems. Click here for more information.

While Danagri-3S supply a large range of outdoor silos for grain, raw material and finished feed, we concentrate on the BM range of silos for our mill and mix installations. Made of galvanised steel and of modular construction these compact square or rectangular silos are eminently suitable for maximising available space. The component parts can be fitted through a normal door and variable size legs can be fitted to accommodate different feed or conveying systems. The range includes the Auger Discharge Silo which is first choice for the storage and dosing of difficult materials.

Sizes range up to 91.6 cubic metres and BM can customise silos to customers needs.

Mineral Hoppers designed for the storage and dosing of high density supplements come in 400 and 700 litre sizes. The 700 can be fitted with agitation and is suitable for fish and biscuit meals etc. Click here for more information on mineral hoppers.

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