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DLF focuses closely on the demands of customers as well as on the market trends of clover and grass seed. Offering one of the world’s largest research and breeding programmes for both turf and forage, DLF is working consistently to improve the quality and reliability of all varieties. To meet market expectations, these varieties are tested through a worldwide trialling network for adaption to different climatic and environmental conditions.

DLF strives to be the preferred grass seed partner for farmers dealing with dairy or beef cattle, sheep and horses. Our ambition is to deliver solutions for all situations where grass and clover grass is the best choice from a nutritional and economic point of view. Our constant focus on the needs of the end user filters back into our breeding and product development, where new and better solutions are created with the aim of providing your livestock production a high degree of self- sufficiency for the benefit of the total farm economy.

DLF is the world’s largest producer and distributor of grass seed. With subsidiaries in Denmark, Holland, UK France, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, China, New Zealand, South America, USA and Canada, an extended distributor and customer network, serving the markets worldwide.

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DLF Seeds,
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