Drone AG

Drone AG is a UK based team of farmers, agronomists and drone operators developing and providing drone solutions for agriculture on their 6000 acre farm. From crop mapping and analysis to drone spraying systems, their solutions help clients to effectively target weeds and disease, optimise and save money on inputs and estimate returns all whilst benefiting the environment. They are Farmers that know drones.

Drone AG recently launched a new drone system and software package for UK agronomists and agribusinesses. A recently developed quad-copter, named ‘Storm Agri Pro’, is a rain-proof, wind resilient, robust and carrying the latest sensors for agricultural remote sensing activities. To compliment the new hardware, data processing and analysis is handled by a new cloud-based platform, AeroView.

Drone AG has also been trialing the DJI Agras MG-1 for a over a year. It is an excellent first step in aerial spraying using drones and its successor the MG1S provides all the tools necessary to conduct aerial spraying within the coming UK regulations. They are also currently the only company to possess a PA7 for drone-based pesticide application.

Visit Drone AG in the new Drone Zone at Cereals 2017 to find out more.

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The Steadings East Lilburn Farm,
Alnwick NE66 4ED,
United Kingdom

+44 1668 217100

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