easichick™ is a bio-secure bedding manufactured specifically for poultry and other birds.

easichick™ provides guaranteed biosecurity from factory to delivery. The bedding is treated with organic additives to reduce the bacteria levels (moulds, yeasts, etc.) and reduce the TVC (total viable counts) to a specific level, as recommended by poultry vets.

easichick™ provides:
• Virtually dust free bedding
• Zero counts for moulds, Salmonella sp., Pseudmonas, Aspergillus sp. Avian Influenza and Entero bacteria*
• Improved thermal properties
• Reduced ammonia therefore reduced hockburn
• Reduction in topping up
• Reduced capping
• Fast recovery in extreme conditions
• Traceable testing for all bedding produced
• A bedding suitable for use in most spreading equipment

When used correctly, easichick has proven to reduce costs of up to 75 per cent because less bedding is used and less mucking out is required.

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