While farmers and gardeners are searching for new fertilisation ideas and organic farming is going from strength to strength, nature itself offers a solution through natural processes that exist on earth.

When a plant or animal dies, it will eventually be eaten by decomposing microbes. They will decay or disassemble it and put it back into the soil. This life-death-decay-life cycle has built the thin layer of fertile soil that covers our land. It nourishes and helps to grow our plants – the bridge of life between the soil and man. In Nature, there is no waste. All is reused, and usually made into something of greater value still for the sustenance of life.

Vermicomposing is not just another waste reduction method. Over 100 years ago, Charles Darwin was the first individual to carefully observe the action of earthworms and the effect of the castings they produced. The benefits of worm compost, attained through an amazing interplay of biology, chemistry and microbiology sciences, lead to the production of an extraordinary soil amendment and plant nutrient.

Scientific studies prove that treating plants with extracts of earthworm vermicompost result in better plant growth and decreased instances of disease.

Ecoworm is an organic producer of concentrated fertilisers specialising in using the latest technology to extract naturally pure liquid humic substances from earthworm vermicompost.

Ecoworm’s range of Soil Extract Liquid fertilisers enhances seed germination, stimulates plant and root growth, increases crop yield and improves plant nutrition.

Ecoworm products are proven safe, 100% natural, certified by Soil Association and correspond to all EU standards and regulations which allow them to be used in Organic Farming - just like nature intended.

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