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Farmstream specialises in rural security and livestock monitoring cameras for farms and remote locations. Founded by Eddie McDiarmid and Callum Hay in March 2020, the company came about after Eddie McDiarmed investigated the costs of installing a camera system on the family farm in Highland Perthshire. Realising he would save upwards of £15000 if he installed the system himself, he met with fellow engineering student Callum Hay and together Farmstream was created. Based in Scotland, Farmstream provides easy self-install camera systems, delivered straight to your door, designed for farms and farmers at affordable prices.

Our cameras connect to a mobile phone via a free viewing app, ensuring check-ins can be done anytime and anywhere. With 4G and WiFi options, WiFi is not a necessity for the cameras to connect and they can also run off a 12V power supply or solar kit setup for off-grid options. This is particularly useful if the cameras are placed in a shed during lambing time and then moved outdoors for security at other times of the year.

Our Best Selling Farmstream 360 Degree Camera:
Our best seller and most popular product is our 4G 360 Degree Camera. The 4G 360 Degree Camera is IP66 rated, has an 80m infrared range, is a PTZ camera (pan, tilt and zoom) and runs via a SIM card to connect to 4G. The camera can be plugged into mains or run off a 12V battery and our solar kit is specifically designed to power this camera 24/7 all year round making it ideal for locations without power. It is a favourite for customers looking to place a camera in their lambing/calving shed during the season and then move to a different location for security purposes for the rest of the year. As multiple people can log into the same camera via an app, close friends and family members can also help keep an eye on what's going on. With inbuilt motion-detection and human recognition software it makes it easy to get your money’s worth!

Rest assured:
All of Farmstream cameras come with a 1 year warranty and we offer technical support to all our customers throughout and beyond the warranty period. Our office hours are Monday-Friday and we aim to have a member of our specialist technical team respond to all technical queries within 24 working hours via email or via phone - depending on what suits you best.

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