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Water is a significant aspect of any livestock rearing business which is why careful attention to the quality of your water is so important. Correctly treated drinking water will boost pig and broiler growth and reduce the need for antibiotics. Correctly treated process water improves the efficiency or longevity of critical equipment by prevention of corrosion, scale, and fouling. Where staff and the public are at risk of exposure considerations need to be made for Legionella control, especially when cleaning or carrying out wash-downs.

The right water treatment regimen will save significantly more money than it costs and Feedwater is one of the only companies in the UK which provides all of these services to the pig & poultry industry.

Feedwater recommend the use of chlorine cioxide to treat drinking lines; we also manufacture Activ-Ox, an advanced patented chemistry and dosing system for farms. Chlorine dioxide has gained popularity in the pig & poultry sector as a water treatment solution because:

• it is a proven, rapid, broad spectrum disinfectant for agricultural drinking water systems
• it is more effective over a wide pH range (4-10)
• it is less corrosive than simple chlorine chemicals
• it is effective at low dosage rates
• it is a powerful & potent oxidiser in water
• it is effective at removing biofilm in water distribution lines
• it is acutely effective against Campylobacter and other microbiota
• it doesn't form chlorinating by-products (Tri-Halo-Methanes)
• it doesn't have the taste and odour issues of chlorine, thus increasing stock water uptake
• it does reduce the need for antibiotics.

Additional services include:
Water Hygiene

Feedwater's team of water hygiene specialists can clean and disinfect header tanks and water lines between crops. Water hygiene control is also an important part of legionella risk management, especially on premises where staff and visitors can encounter water spray from taps, showers, and hoses. Our environmental technicians help keep you compliant with HSE ACoP L8.

Lab Analysis
With two in-house laboratories undertaking both Microbial and Chemical analysis, Feedwater have the resources and knowledge to determine the condition of your water and recommend improvements.

Water Conditioning
Water carries a multitude of elements and minerals which deposit in water systems. The build-up of scale and other deposits can cause reduced efficiency, places for bacteria to grow, and failure of equipment. The integration of water conditioning equipment can greatly reduce the impact of hard water. Equipment can include water softeners, media filters, and even reverse osmosis; all of which Feedwater build, supply, and service.

Heating & Chilled Systems
To control the temperature of stock sheds and other farm buildings, heating and chilled water systems are used. Without effective water treatment corrosion products can build up impairing flow, heat transfer, and control valve operation. Failure of temperature control can be a major problem for farms; impairing crop growth, vigour, and ultimately, profit. Speak to Feedwater about treatment today.

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