Flach & Le-Roy Ltd


FLR-CropDrying – Specialist manufacturers and installers of quality crop drying, ventilation and storage systems.

We have been supplying top quality drive-on crop drying and storage installations to the arable farming industry for over 21 years and our business is continuing to grow. Since our formation in 1993 we have delivered highly successful crop drying and storage installations for grain, rape, potato, seed, onion, pea and bean growers alike.

We owe our success to the care that we take in our manufacturing processes and by ensuring that our customers are totally happy with our products and services. We design, manufacture and install our products with quality as our priority – we do not offer gimmicks, discounts or incentives but choose instead to always give our best price for what we consider to be the highest specification drive-on floor systems on the market.

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Flach & Le-Roy Ltd

2 Warren Cl,
Huntingdon PE28 2AW,
United Kingdom

+44 1480 495956

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