Grazers Ltd

The effective easy solution to damage caused by grazing rabbits, pigeons, deer & geese.

Millions of pounds are lost each year by farmers because of rabbit damage and pigeon damage to crops. Grazers is a safe and effective spray against damage from RABBITS, PIGEON, DEER & GEESE.

It enables farmers and growers to redeem lost profits easily and safely, and now, with the “amenity” and “garden” size, it is available to everyone.

Grazers is a trace element based spray and therefore safe to pets, wildlife and the environment.

Grazers was discovered, and is still manufactured and supplied by Grazers Ltd., in the north of England.

Where to find us

Grazers Ltd

Penrith CA10 1NX,
United Kingdom

+44 1768 800555

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