Founded in 1917, Hartmann is headquartered in Gentofte, Denmark.

We sell egg and fruit packaging to producers, packing businesses and retail chains, all of which are increasingly turning to us to benefit from our expertise, both technically and in branding and selling their products. Our moulded fibre packaging is sold in markets all over the world with Europe, North America and South America as our key markets.

Since 1936 our customers have benefited from a long line of cutting-edge egg packaging innovations. Among those, the Mini Poster PackTM egg carton, the first to offer labelled packaging, followed by imagic® with an unprecedented high shelf visibility, emotional design and an increased advertising area. Further development led to imagic²®, which was the first egg carton to do away with the hole in the front.

Hartmann moulded fibre production technology and related services are sold to manufacturers of moulded fibre packaging worldwide.

The World in which We Live
Sustainability and environmental considerations are integral elements of Hartmann’s business model and strategy. All Hartmann’s products are based on recycled paper, which is a renewable, carbon-neutral and biodegradable resource. We work closely with our customers to meet the demand for sustainable products in the retail trade, and we were the first manufacturer to offer both FSC®-certified and carbon-neutral retail packaging. Equally important are our commitments to human rights and labour rights as well as business sustainability on behalf of our investors.

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