We are strawberry, raspberry and cherry growers farming near Ledbury in Herefordshire, United Kingdom growing both organic and conventionally grown berries. We supply UK and European supermarkets such as M&S, Waitrose and J S Sainsbury with their range of berries. The business was started by Angus Davison in 1988 as part of a University project. The project was based on planting strawberries on 2-acres of rented land near Angus’ family home.

In the mid 1990’s exasperated with spoilt fruit from rain, frost, birds, and all other wonderful things that the British climate throws at us we began to design a range of commercial Tunnels and Greenhouses for our own crops. Haygrove Tunnels was born in 1996 and after developing the technology on our home farm and in the UK, then started to export to growers in other countries in 2001. Today the business works with a team of design engineers who have developed bespoke systems not only for North European climates, but also for many other climate zones from Kenya to Patagonia. Our passion is working grower to grower, not just selling the technology, but working with growers to ensure they optimise their returns from the Haygrove Tunnel system.

Our business designing mobile Poultry housing started in 2007 – we saw the opportunity to take our Tunnel expertise (steel framed structures, portable and quick to build) into the livestock market. Subsequently we have become passionate about welfare friendly free range livestock systems and this is a fun part of our business.

In addition we are currently building our range of specialist Substrate Growing Systems and specialist machinery to support our growing network of Haygrove Tunnel customers. We welcome you to take a look through our new products or we would especially welcome you to pay us a visit.

Under-pinning our business is Haygrove Development. We are trying our best to harness our horticultural experience and technologies to help those less fortunate than ourselves – we also hope that along the way that we might encourage some other small and medium size businesses to get involved too. We are certain that the problems of Africa need not just NGOs but businesses to get involved. It’s much more rewarding than just making money.

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