Humphrey Feeds and Pullets Ltd

Founded in 1932, Humphrey Feeds & Pullets is a family run business with a specialist knowledge of poultry nutrition and husbandry, going back over three generations.

Today, we are proud to be the UK’s leading dedicated poultry feed supplier and point of lay pullet supplier, to the independent poultry farmer.

Throughout the last 85 years, our mission has always been to advance poultry performance. We appreciate that our customers and their families trust us with their livelihoods, and are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience, helping poultry farmers in every aspect of their business.

Knowledge and experience
Our team of highly skilled and experienced poultry specialists are experts on all aspects of egg production. They will work with you, to fully understand your requirements, creating a feeding program tailored to the specific needs of your flock or ensuring that your pullets are reared in a way that is most suitable for your house set up.

Our poultry feed is always fresh as it is made to order. We produce over 500 different diets to match all requirements and can adjust the grists to meet the needs of the birds at the different stages of their production. We regularly design special feeds for example to control egg size, improve shell quality and meet a variety of specific market requirements.

Custom-made to your requirements
At Humphrey Feeds & Pullets, we know that no one flock is the same, which is why everything we do is custom-made to advancing poultry performance and meeting your farm’s individual requirements. It is this flexibility that can offer outstanding benefits both in terms of the health and welfare of birds, and the financial success of your business.


Where to find us


Humphrey Feeds Pullets,
Hazeley Road,
nr Winchester SO21 1QA

+44 1962 764500

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