Inverter Fusion Ltd


Inverter Fusion Ltd began life in 1998 as Green 3K Ltd, located in Gloucestershire. Our mission, which was successfully accomplished, was to design and develop radical high quality, technically advanced digital inverter welding machines.

In 2006 the company was acquired by the EuroTech Group plc and relocated to our current premises in Honiton, Devon where we manufacture our Fusion range of digital inverter welding machines for both professional and DIY/hobby users. We also import a range of high quality welding machines and plasma cutters to supplement the Fusion range.

Where to find us

Inverter Fusion Ltd

Inverter Fusion Ltd,
Heathpark Way,
Heathpark Industrial Estate,
Heathpark Industrial Estate,
Honiton EX14 1BB

+44 1404 549791

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