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For more than 35 years, KEENAN diet feeders have been delivering unparalleled results on farms all over the world. As market leaders in the industry, our promise is to deliver not only superior machine performance, but, most importantly, greater nutritional performance. Our solutions are specifically designed to help farmers improve the health and performance of their animals, resulting in higher margins and more time to spend on things that matter.

A keen advocate for environmental sustainability, KEENAN has developed a range of solutions to enable farmers to overcome agricultural production challenges and improve rumen health and feed efficiency. These commitments were rubber stamped in 2019 when the Carbon Trust validated the KEENAN MechFiber paddle feeder. Having investigated the output from the KEENAN MechFiber diet feeder and reviewing data from the KEENAN controller,the Carbon Trust established that the improved FCE (Feed Conversion Efficiency) with the MechFiber diet feeder can reduce methane emissions on farm.

The MechFiber Difference
KEENAN MechFiber paddle feeders are unique in the proven nutritional benefits they deliver. Each KEENAN is engineered to use a gentle mixing action to produce evenly, thoroughly mixed, light, fluffy feed which is never over or under mixed. We call this optimal mix ‘MechFiber’. The KEENAN controller, which is synced with the InTouch feed management platform ensures all feed ingredients are consistently added in the same order and ratios.

Independent trials have consistently shown that MechFiber retains the fibre structure to stimulate rumination, allows greater absorption of energy and maximised feed conversion efficiency.

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