Kingslands Agriculture Limited

We Put Farmers First
At Kingslands, we are on a mission to make farming easier and more profitable. Kingslands is a pioneer of the digital revolution in the world of agricultural inputs trading. It is a technology company that provides a B2B digital marketplace for fertilisers to promote a more efficient, transparent and liquid market.

Our Values
Farmers are the ultimate entrepreneurs, managing a highly complex business on their own when the odds are often against them. We strive to have the same values and work ethics as every farmer in the Kingslands' community. As farmers ourselves, we understand the unique pressures and challenges you face daily. All members of our team grew up on farms or have a deep connection to the land.

Built for Farmers, Developed by Innovators and Constantly Improved Together
As farmers ourselves, we understand how important it is to be able to get the right inputs when you need them, and all for a price that works.

To make it happen, we leave the old bricks and mortar approach behind and embrace the unique possibilities technology and the online world have to offer. In our experience, they’re tools that can save every hard-working farmer time, money, and effort, so we don’t want you to ever miss out.

Founded in 2020, and based in London, UK, Kingslands operates in England. Our team consists of experienced and professional software developers, business development managers and marketing experts with extensive experience in agriculture, trading and logistics.

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0207 1834010

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