L J Fairburn & Son Ltd.

Fairburn’s Eggs is a third-generation Lincolnshire family business, first founded in 1951 by Jim Fairburn, who purchased 150 chickens for £150.
From those humble beginnings, Fairburn’s Eggs have taken the food and agriculture industry by storm, becoming the largest independent, family-owned egg producer in the UK, packing and distributing an astonishing 17 million eggs a week.

With young, dynamic leaders, the team continuously identify ways to challenge, innovate, and inspire the egg market.

The Company continuously strives to invest in animal welfare and its technology, including state-of-the-art rearing sheds, multi-tier housing, and a variety of enrichment to keep the hens happy. With all four Directors having young families, the Company wants to ensure sustainable success for the next generation of Fairburns.

Fairburn’s produce, in-house, over 80,000 tonnes of feed a year and rear over 2.5 million pullets, for not only their own use but also available for producers to purchase. Their most recent additions include Organic feed and pullets which are available to buy.
Although today’s forward-thinking and spirited team have more than the 150 chickens it started with, family values have and always will remain at the forefront of its business operations and products.


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L J Fairburn & Son,
Farlesthorpe Rd,
Lincolnshire LN13 9PL

+44 1507 462264

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