Lakes Free Range Egg Company Ltd

Set up in 1997, the Lakes Free Range Egg Company has always stuck to a simple ethos – to provide the best habitats for our organic and free range hens. To us that involves ‘range enrichment’ (tree planted pasture) supported by bio-diversity action plans and ensuring our producers follow the same approach. It is a sustainable, environmentally friendly production model that works.

As innovators ‘The Lakes’ constantly looks for ways to reduce energy consumption and has designed and built a state of the art egg packing facility that is set to be the UK’s first carbon neutral egg packing factory. Where we lead, others follow.

Our quality is guaranteed by using higher standards than codes of practice require, including Freedom Foods, British Egg Industry Council and British Retail Council. It means we are happy to supply some of the most demanding retail and food service customers in the country.

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Meg Bank, Stainton
CA11 0EE

01768 890460

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