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Miedema Mercer Machinery

Miedema Mercer Machinery is based in Herefordshire. We have been established since 1984 and have a reputation for our high quality products and service. Miedema manufacture the very best farm machinery for jobs such as potato and onion instore equipment, their build quality is second to none. products: Combi graders, Hoppers, Telescopic elevators, Boxfillers, Conveyors, Soil elevators, Boxtippers, Lorry container filling elevators, Smart Grader, Structural belt planters, Miedema CP cup planters, Bauer irrigation reels Pipes and Fittings, Angus layflat hose, suction hose, and wilms heaters We have everything you need for the professional grower please don't hesitate to contact us, we are always keen to help.

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Miedema Mercer Machinery

Miedema Mercer Machinery Ltd,
Leominster HR6 0PL

+44 1568 797601

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