Nigel Davis Solicitors

OUR FIRM was born out of the recognition that whilst there are City Solicitors and High Street Solicitors, not everyone or every business builds a life in the City, or on the High Street.

When people need help with the law and their legal problems they need to have some confidence that those advising and assisting them have some understanding of the problems they face... Who they are... Where they live... What they do... And what they need from a Lawyer. People and their problems are as diverse as the countryside we live in. We specialise in knowing your territory, your circumstances, and armed with that knowledge we help you reach a solution suited to your needs.

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Nigel Davis Solicitors

3 4,
Nigel Davis Solicitors,
Spire House Waterside Business Park,
Ashbourne DE6 1DG

+44 1335 346772

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