Nixon's Farm Shop

At Heald Green is where the Beef Suckler Herd is kept.That means the calves are born here and suckle their mothers for at least six months.During the summer the cattle are out in the fields eating the grass and during the winter they are housed in the large shed and fed silage (which is made from grass) and corn
There is a viewing platform to enable you to watch the cows and calves.

The family Nixon has farmed at this farm since the early 1930s when William Nixon and his wife Mary first lived here.

They had a milking herd and delivered milk to most of the neighbours and also reared pigs.

William Nixon then built a slaughter house and from that begining started selling meat.

Gradually the shop was organised and the farms changed to the rearing of beef cattle.

There are three grandchildren now running the business.

Julie Egglestone and Roger her husband, Paul Nixon and Ian Nixon.

The present shop was refitted and we have a Pet Shop, Pets Corner and a Play Area.


Where to find us

Outwood Farm,
Nixon's Farm Shop,
Bolshaw Rd,
Heald Green,
Cheadle SK8 3PS

+44 1614 374801

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