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In today’s fast moving business environment evidence-based decision making is essential to good management. But that is by no means the only reason that it pays to measure – proving compliance with regulatory requirements, showing that customers’ quality expectations have been met and checking internal performance to pave the way for continuous improvement are equally important.

NRM, established in 1990, has the analytical ability to assess, quantify, evaluate and appraise all aspects of water, soil, manures, fertilisers and plant tissue as well as the inputs and outputs associated with plant growth. This, combined with expertise in land-based environmental services such as composted waste, anaerobic digestate, effluents and industrial renewables, makes NRM the UK’s foremost independent and accredited analytical laboratory in the land-based sector.

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NRM, part of Cawood

N R M Laboratories,
Coopers Bridge,
Braziers Ln,
Winkfield Row,
Bracknell RG42 6NS

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