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PHS Teacrate is the largest crate hire company in the UK, moving more than 20 million crates per year serving a range of industry sectors: Removals & Storage, Food, Retail, Distribution, Logistics, Automotive, Manufacturing, Local Government and Pharmaceuticals.

Crate rental allows complete flexibility to your business needs, as you can rent the exact number of moving crates where and when you want them. Our customers hire moving crates from us because it makes sound business sense. The rental option means that your business avoids the capital outlay it would face if purchasing crates. With crate rental, you can achieve controlled and predictable costs, which are variable, not fixed.

Rental crates from PHS Teacrate always arrive with you clean and ready for immediate use. Our crates are delivered direct to your specified location, even to a precise location within a building, and at a time to suit you. This leaves your staff free and ready to get on with the job in hand.

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PHS Teacrate

PHS Teacrate Durham,
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+44 8000 902324

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