Polytunnels R Us are a team of polytunnel construction, refurbishment and re-sheet experts. We have the experience and expertise to undertake the largest and smallest of construction projects, from straight forward polytunnel re-covers to bespoke garden centre canopies.

We are able to fully plan and carry out any required earthworks necessary to construct new, or extend existing, commercial polytunnels. All of our installers are fully trained in health and safety procedures, including the use of safety nets, excess platforms and are ipaf trained.

Polytunnel Construction & Refurbishment Specialists
We pride ourselves in providing customers throughout the UK with polytunnels and polytunnel services of the highest quality, on time and on budget!

Most commercial projects will begin with a thorough consultation by one of our construction foremen. Their experience, technical ability and planning skills will play an integral part in ensuring a smooth and successful outcome. They will offer advice on construction materials, heating, irrigation and ensure the project is cost effective.

Why not cut out the middle man and make huge savings on polythene when you book us to re-clad your polytunnels.

When your project enters the construction phase, we at Polytunnels R Us are single minded in our determination to deliver on time and within budget!

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