Poplars Farm

we have had 20 happy years here at Poplars Farm which is in the village of Antrobus, set in the beautiful countryside of Cheshire.

Originally Poplars Farm was one of our valued customers – back in the days when Paul sold animal feeds and Simon, our first born, was only one year old.

When the farm came up for sale, the previous owner sold it to us only with the stipulation that we would (a) keep the Hens and (b) feed the wild birds!

Of course we have been true to our word and after a lot of investment, particularly in our packing facilities and delivery service, a small fortune spent on wild bird food and the addition of Michael (our 2nd son), we are so proud of what we and our team have achieved in this ever busy Lion registered free range egg packing centre!

Where to find us


Poplars Farm,
Barbers La,
Northwich CW9 6JP

+44 1565 777543

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