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We offer a cost effective solution to quickly repair and protect your agricultural roof & cladding.

Most agriclutural building roofs have asbestos panels fitted, so the correct contractor must be selected to ensure all work is carried out within regulations. All of our staff are trained to safely work with asbestos and to conform to strict HSE guidlines. We work on all types of commercial and industrial roofs.

Your livestock and produce outbuildings are one of the most important assets you have as a farmer. We can completely restore your buildings roof, steels and cladding back to its original state and protect it from water penetration and rust for years to come. We have all the specialist equipment needed and have completed high reach training for your peace of mind.

If your asbestos roof is leaking or you have a damaged leaking asbestos roof due to bad weather, there is an alternative to costly removal and replacement. Prothos Services Ltd can offer a different solution that will save you a lot of money and your business can continue, unaffected while we carry out the repairs to your warehouse roof.

We offer a long-term solution to repairs to your asbestos roof. Rather than doing patch repairs or slapping lots of different emergency repair coatings that will only last a few weeks, or even days, we totally clean off all the moss and debris from your asbestos roof, cover all cracks and holes with special repair tapes and spray apply a specialist asbestos roof coating which protects our repair tapes and seals the asbestos roof.

Once we finish cleaning and sealing your corrugated asbestos roof you will not have to worry about leaks again and that is guaranteed for 10 years!

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