Specialising in livestock identification products for over 20 years, ROXAN have introduced farmers to a new and innovative approach to EID Tagging, Reading and Data Management.

ROXAN are responsible for some of the most time saving and quality farming products on the market including TagFaster the automatic sheep tagging system with strips of 10 double tags, plus our high visibility Rubba Tag range, or visual and EID Cattle Tags and Applicators.

We listen to your feedback and act on it. Ideas are our bread and butter and exciting new products are always under development. Our aim is to give you more product and operational benefit for your money.

Whether you have bought your ROXAN product from us directly or through your local trader you will find help and support at the end of our phone or email.

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Dunsdale Rd,
Selkirk TD7 5DZ

+44 1750 724110

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