Rutland Organic Poultry

We are licensed by the Soil Association to produce organic free range poultry - turkeys, chickens, cockerels and geese and eggs. We also produce venison and lamb.

All our stock is organic and welfare is of great importance to us. We use organic certified feed and supplement with our own organic cereals.

We grow the birds slowly and they spend most of their lives rangeing freely over our organic pastures. Our herd of Fallow deer graze round the chicken huts. The sheep graze our clover-rich organic meadows.

At Christmas, when the time comes, we handle each bird individually, keeping stress to a minimum and they are despatched quickly. We dry pluck and finish by hand. We then hang birds to develop flavour and tenderness ensuring your Christmas meal will be one to remember. Our birds are sold oven ready with giblets.

Where to find us

Rutland Organic Poultry,
Cuckoo Farm Lodge,
Stamford Rd,
Stamford PE9 3UU

+44 1780 722009

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