TecTracer are an established company based in York, North Yorkshire and operating throughout the UK. They are specialists in rural crime prevention, utilising several innovative and technical products to help and support farmers and rural communities prevent the ever-present and growing threats from criminals. Cuts to front line police numbers is arguably exposing rural communities to higher levels of criminal activity, therefore placing a great emphasis on preventing crime.

TecTracer is staffed by former police detectives and crime prevention specialists, and this expert knowledge along with experience of working within farming and rural communities, ensures that preventive tactics are relevant to the crime types being faced and are cost effective responses, which deliver value and peace of mind for clients and customers.

TecTracer have developed the unique livestock tracing system, which is being used by sheep farmers and where it is in use has cut losses and has seen the return of stolen pregnant ewes to their Cumbrian farm, such is the strength of the deterrent. Thousands of unique coded microdots are applied to sheep, become entangled in the fleece, and will provide the irrefutable evidence of ownership. Ear-tags can be removed, these microdots cannot. This product provides a low-cost deterrent against sheep theft and discounts are available for bulk orders.

Other innovative TecTracer products include the AGRIDuo range, which provides a means of property marking an array of valuable mobile portable assets, including power tools, trailers, crushes, and even Bee Hives. AGRIduo Plus, provides an effective, low cost method of protecting Land Rover Defenders, and AGRI EQ is designed specifically to protect saddles and other equine related tack.

TecTracer are also metal theft specialist and have unique patented technology which can infuse metal substrates with forensic codes that survive the temperatures that are used in metal recycling. These systems are marketed under Trace-in-Metal Ltd.

Tectracer have access as resellers to a number of other high-tech products, which provide perimeter and building protection, using stand alone systems operating via GSM/Web, and which can be deployed using solar/battery without the need for hard wiring. These systems include intruder alerts on gates, driveways, out-buildings, fuel and oil tanks.

TecTracer also provide a range of GPS/GSM Tracking devices, which complement the unique AGRIDuo property marking products, and these can be deployed covertly to protect quads, tractors, plant and other agricultural machinery.

Combining these product ranges, provides the best value options for preventing crime in any given location, and the expertise within TecTracer provides clients with the knowledge that they are doing all they can to prevent crime against their business and livelihoods.
More information is available at shop.tectracer.co.uk

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