The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group

The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group is a registered charity where knowledge is shared and guidance is given. We are proactive and forward-thinking, raising awareness of our 13 female bloodlines and 4 male bloodlines, whereby the Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) recognises the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig on their watchlist and is listed as “At Risk”. We are a thriving community with great supporters all valuing what they do from the breeding to the wonderful produce.

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Helping future keepers of the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group is paramount as is high welfare our aims and outcomes are first and foremost with our Oxford Sandy and Black Pig. Our Genetic Spread Allowance has helped numerous breeders/keepers up and down the country. Ensuring that our bloodlines and the genetics are evenly distributed.

Take advantage of our free tools here on our website which are an aid and benefit to all.

Together we are creating a better future for our breed, its existence and its breeding potential.

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