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UK Agricultural Finance

Agriculture is the backbone of any country and has been an important part of civilization for thousands of years. It is also a complex and challenging business. Like all businesses, flexible and responsive finance is an essential tool.

The practice of credit being given and received is an age-old tradition ranging from barter to mortgages. Private mortgages played an important role in the local exchange of money and the UK’s once great building society sector developed from this. It’s only recently that the drive for ‘efficiency’ has turned lending into an impersonal and seemingly deliberately unhelpful process. We aim to remedy this.

At the heart of our business is the desire to provide the agricultural sector with finance options that help it develop and grow. We know rural property and rural businesses; the driving factors, the challenges, and the appeal of taking this type of initiative. More importantly, we understand lending against land for unique enterprises that aren’t simple businesses and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is unhelpful.

We believe in taking time to understand our borrowers’ needs, so we can tailor solutions to fit their objectives. We aim to be reliable partners, who act with integrity and deliver every time on what we say we will do. You’ll find us pragmatic, with common sense, flexible attitude prevailing.

We believe passionately in responsible lending. This means providing useful, relevant and fair products to our borrowers, that also deliver a fair return to our investors. Therefore, we expect our borrowers to be fully open and honest with us, and communicate in a timely manner, ensuring we have all necessary information, even if we’ve not asked for it. In return, we will deal openly, honestly and promptly with our borrowers and do whatever we can to help their business succeed.

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UK Agricultural Finance

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