We are Farming Minds

We Are Farming Minds is a registered charity, set up to help raise mental health awareness in the rural communities of Herefordshire and support the wellbeing of farmers across the land.

Farming is hard. Isolation, long hours and pressures outside of your control can cause anxiety and depression. But while poor mental health in farming is 46% higher than in other occupations, rural communities have less access to support. We aim to change that.

Our Story
We are Farming Minds was established by Herefordshire farming couple, Sam and Emily Stables.

It was inspired by their own personal experience and their journey to overcome the stigma and lack of support for mental health in the farming community.

Our mission
To take the bull by the horns to tackle mental health in the Herefordshire farming community.

We aim to reach out to the farming community to break down stigma, open up support and say to every farmer ‘you are not alone’:

• Provide 24 hour support through our dedicated helpline
• Provide funding for professional counselling if required
• Provide mental health training to individuals and professionals in the farming community
• Provide resources and advice for further help
• Provide social events to combat isolation and bring farmers together
• Provide reassurance through personal experience that things can and will get better

Send us a message

If you're a Herefordshire farmer or you're concerned about someone you know and want someone to talk to:

Call our 24/7 helpline on 0808 802 0070 or text 07786 203130.

Where to find us


Kings Pitts Farm, Kingsthorne,

07506 567 500

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