Founded in 2004, Wot-A-Pullet Ltd has rapidly grown from a small free range egg laying business in East Yorkshire in to what is now one of the largest independent pullet rearers in the UK, rearing 4 million pullets a year. We also have almost 300,000 laying hens, including commercial and vaccine production.

Wot-A-Pullet Ltd has invested large sums in refurbishing rearing houses and installing multi-tiered rearing systems. These have been very successful in preparing the birds for a variety of different laying systems.

We are determined to foster long term, honest relationships with all of our customers, we do this by sending weekly performance updates of how the birds are progressing. The information includes, mortality, actual weights against target weights, evenness, vaccinations administered.

Vet and Lighting programs are discussed at length.

We are Freedom Foods accredited, registered to the Lion code, and are fully permitted by the Environment Agency. Our association with these governing bodies has helped strengthen our policies & procedures and built confidence for both our customers & ourselves for the future.

We are very proud of our dedicated staff and the experience & knowledge from our team of farm managers is exceptional. Our ethos of building a good reputation for quality & service is something that is instilled in them all.

Our ecological commitments have grown significantly over the last decade to include renewable energy resources, such as wind turbines, solar panels & biomass boilers at most of our sites, along with appropriate margins around the farms that have become a haven for wildlife.

For more information, or to discuss your poultry requirements, please do not hesitate to call.

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Quarry House Cattle Hill,
York YO42 1XG

+44 1759 488048

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