Best Of British - Poplar Farm

A farming legacy Poplar farm is located near Kenny Hill in Suffolk on the edge of the Cambridgeshire Fens where the family trade as JW Brown & Sons. Daniel and his father Peter manage the free range hens as well as growing wheat, potatoes, sugar beet and linseed, on their 330 acres. “My great grandfather bought the farm in 1912,” explained Daniel. “It was primarily a dairy farm until 2002.”The Brown’s put up their first hen house in 2004 and also kept 800 fattening pigs until last year. Egg production The Brown’s started with a traditional flat- deck house for 12,000 birds and during 2015 they erected a split multi-tier unit for two flocks of 16,000. It is a single age site and they are currently using three different breeds. “We have Hy-Line in the flat-deck, then Bovans Brown and ISA Brown in the multi-tier,”Daniel listed. “Having three flocks on site gives us the opportunity to compare and see which suits us best.”They bought all their birds from Country Fresh pullets, which were reared in a Investing for a multi-tier future at Poplar Farm 3 BEST OF BRITISH - jw brown & sons The Brown’s have been farming for over 100 years. Their land has been used for a variety of purposes as the family looked at different ways to succeed in agriculture. This month The Ranger talked to Daniel Brown, the fourth generation at Polar Farm, about their recent expansion in free range egg production. By building a new multi-tier unit and investing in state of the art packing equipment they hope secure the future of their business.