IT Farmer: 002 Summer 2018

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Unlocking rural digital potential could add up to £26.4bn to UK economy 4
All homes in rural areas to have decent broadband by end of 2020 8
Investment of £67m announced for faster internet connectivity 12
Mobile operators 'abandoning countryside to digital wilderness' 14
What two way radio 2018: A farmers' guide 18
£90m agri-tech investment hopes to improve lagging UK productivity 22
Leading UK AI agribusiness completes £3 million fund raise 28
Agricultural college aims to make Gloucestershire hub for agri-tech 32
Industry looks to emerging agri-tech to further boost farm productivity 36
Three companies win over £50,000 each to push agri-tech innovation 40
Britain will remain magnet for cutting edge agri-research, MEP says 42
Robots: future proofing a free range farmers' business 44
New drone standards set to 'revolutionise' British farming 50
Cattle society changes DNA testing to improve breed integrity 52
DNA traceability could guarantee authenticity of Scotch Beef PGI 56
M&S unveils British beef traceability campaign based on DNA sampling 58
'Super Monster Wolf' effectively scares crop-damaging pests in Japan 60
Taiwan to invest £18m in UK to build new vertical farm 62
Artificial Intelligence in agriculture expected to grow 24.3 per cent by 2024 64
Millenials embrace futuristic farming methods to increase food production 66
New imaging technology in development to increase crop yield 68
New method to help growers identify best Gala apples 72
Scientists develop automated robotic crop-picker amid worker shortage 74
Space satellite to help UK measure soil moisture and crops 78
New space technology hopes to combat agriculture waste 80
Farmers could help wildlife by using 'Nature Recovery Maps', report suggest 82
High-tech 3D camera could help farmers spot tail biting in pigs 84