IT Farmer: 003 Autumn 2018

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£45m investment announced to improve rural broadband 4
Farmers dig miles of trenches to install broadband in rural Welsh hamlet 8
Superfast broadband must reach rural areas too, CLA says 10
Light aircraft to use mapping technology to stop illegal farm water abstraction 12
Machinery giant JCB announces £50m investment in new UK plant 16
New UK factory expansion to double production of agricultural machinery 18
£1.2m UK project aims to breed crops resilient to climante change and pests 20
Wheat genome finally sequenced in bid to help meet future food demand 22
£60k investment to improve understanding of major crop disease 26
Growers could get new funding to invest in new technology post-Brexit 28
Hands-Free Hectare team successfully harvest second crop 30
New event to bring agri-tech and horticultural businesses together 34
Robotics project set to develop autonomous systems for soft fruit sector 36
'Fingerprint technology' to improve farm-to-fork traceability for Welsh lamb 38
UK-based biotect start-up brings livestock blood test to Canada 40
'Game chanigin' digital system to transform UK livestock sector 44
New study to look at methods to freeze pig eggs and embryos 48
Scientists change genetic code of pigs to make them resist disease 50
Project to use AI to detect early-stages of major cattle disease 54
UK is ahead in precision farming compared to its neighbours, farmers say 58
'Farmvention' to encourage children to design food and farming inventions 62
'World's most advanced' vertical farm launched in Scotland 64
UK dairy cooperative launches largest 'self-consumption' solar farm in Ireland 66
£4.2m centre for UK-wide agri-tech innovation opens 68
Smart farms powered by new technologies to boost global dairy output 70
Agriculture gearing up for 'fourth industrial revolution' 74
New initiative looks at ways to develop 'smart farms' 78