IT Farmer: 005 Spring 2019

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British agri-tech company secures £1m to build 'farms of the future' 4
Experts in agri-tech to highlight new technologies amid labour shortages 8
Farmers are 'second class citizens' when accessing sufficient broadband 10
Sixteen percent of farmers now have access to superfast broadband 12
Farmers battle poor broadband access by investing in private networks 16
Farmers suffer as basic mobile call not possible in third of rural homes 18
Robots and virtual fencing could be on British farms in 20 years time, report says 20
UK to launch world's first dotoral agri-robotics training centre 24
Small Robot Company raises £1m in quest for sustainable farming 26
'GUSS' the world's first autonomous orchard sprayer announced 28
UK scientists' new smartphone app looks to battle crop pests 30
Application sent to Defra to conduct GM wheat trials 32
UK farming faces 'barrier to innovation' due to EU gene editing ruling 34
Rapid gene cloning technique to transform crop disease protection 38
Tinder-style app 'Tudder' lets farmers choose livestock breeding matches 42
New Holland's methane tractor win major design award 44
Defra seeks use of EU's satellite technology for three more years 46
Space technology used to tackle ammonia pollution 48
Farming Simulator competition to launch with prizes in the thousands 50
Researchers to give £3,000 to seven farmers in new on-farm trials 52
IBM predicts five 'transformations' farmers and consumers will see by 2024 54