FarmingUK 100th Edition Special - March 2020

Contents 3
"Promises, Promises": Inheritance and Succession Disputes 4
500 Eggs in 100 Weeks - Marking a Landmark at Wellington Farm, Herefordshire 14
Farmers fight rust with sheep-based lubricant 19
Farmer Sets New Record After Selling Sheep Dog for £18.9k 23
Labour Criticised Over Proposed Amendment to Agriculture Bill 24
Police Urge Public To 'Spot Plundering' Farm Shop's Chickens 28
Barclays Unveils Adverse Weather Fund to Support Farmers 32
Older Farmers Should be Paid to Retire, George Eustice Says 34
New Survey Looks at Effectiveness of Rural Policing 36
NFU Launches Toolkit to Combat Red Meat Myths 38