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ADBA Scottish National Conference

Two years after its launch, the ADBA Scottish National Conference returns for the third time in February to Glasgow at a time of major shifts in the UK and abroad. It will be a timely opportunity to bring together the Scottish AD community to discuss pressing issues, growing opportunities and policy changes that specifically affect the Scottish AD industry.

Scotland is ahead of England on food waste collection and treatment and there are now over 50 AD plants in Scotland. The scope for growth in the sector is huge but it also faces many challenges. Scottish industry and policy makers are looking for solutions to ensure Scotland can achieve its potential. How does Brexit impact Scotland achieving its zero waste targets? What new technologies are available that can change plant performance? What are Scotland’s plans for agricultural reform post-Anaerobic digestion: the hub of Scotland ’s future circular economy CAP?

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ADBA Scottish National Conference

Feb 28 2019

Radisson Blu Hotel, 301 Argyle St,
G2 8DL

+44 (0) 20 3176 0503

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