Foxholes Farm

All our cattle are born and bred as naturally as possible on our farms at Hertford Heath. Our own selective breeding since the 80s has led us today, to a Hereford/Simmental herd of single-suckler beef cattle running with an Aberdeen Angus Bull.

This cross-breeding has created a relatively placid herd with a large form and delicious flavour from the Angus – traditionally a very small breed of cattle. We farm all of our cattle extensively, not intensively. They forage on open pasture and meadowland and at the King’s Meads Nature Reserve.

We always transport our own cattle to the abattoir, ensuring they remain calm and correctly cared for. All year round, our herds are fed and bedded down on fresh pasture land, with complimentary feed of home grown silage, maize and straw from our own arable farms. This ensures minimum food miles, reducing costs and preserving the environment.


Foxholes Farm

London Road, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG13 7NT

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