Farm Manager - Monmouthshire

Salary Range: Range £27,600 - £32,301
Full Time
Deadline to Apply: 9am 3rd July

Are you a dedicated farmer passionate about producing high-quality livestock?

Looking for a role that lets you be part of a fun, dynamic, and supportive team?

Do you find joy in sharing your skills and the rewards of hard work with others, especially young people?

Join us at Jamie's Farm! This opportunity offers you the chance to make a real difference in the lives of young people while doing what you love. Enjoy working in a beautiful setting with a team that values your expertise and passion. Think this might be the perfect fit? Visit our website or check out the job pack for more details.

More about Jamie's Farm
Jamie’s Farm is a national education charity helping young people succeed. We work with schools and similar organisations to offer farm visits for small groups.

We practice regenerative farming and maintain high animal welfare standards. With generous support, we’re implementing a three-year plan to fully adopt regenerative methods across our 1,000 acres, farming without fertilisers or pesticides.

How we farm
Our farms’ focus is on pasture-fed livestock and across our farms we have 1,000 breeding ewes producing over 1,500 lambs, and 200 Aberdeen Angus cattle producing around 200 calves per year.

We have Lleyn and Texel sheep lambing in January and March meaning as many young people as possible can experience the birth of a lamb. Cows graze all summer with their calves and spend the winters eating top-quality home-produced hay and silage. We sell bulls to local farmers, and cattle and lambs are sold to butchers or in local livestock markets. As with our veg and eggs, as much as possible of the meat cooked and enjoyed by our visiting young people is directly from our farms.

In recent years, we have made a commitment to adopt a regenerative farming approach that focuses on enabling our soils and natural habitats to thrive and best support our varied livestock and the wider environment. We are greatly encouraged by our results to date across a breadth of initiatives including planting herbal leys, mob grazing and hedgerow planting.

What We’re Looking For
We’re searching for a passionate individual with a strong work ethic and a working knowledge of farming and willingness to learn about regenerative farming practices.

In Return
Join a vibrant and supportive team in a fun and dynamic environment. Our outstanding facilities provide the perfect backdrop for your work.

Making a Difference
At Jamie’s Farm, farming isn’t just about agriculture; it’s about empowering young people with purposeful tasks and a sense of achievement. Although our farmers are often out caring for our land and animals, we encourage our team members to share their knowledge and passion with our young visitors.

Ready to join us? CLICK HERE to the Jamie's Farm website and view the full job descriptions.

Jamie's Farm

Jun 13 2024
  • LocationMonmouthshire
  • Salary£27,600 - £32,301
  • HoursFull Time
  • PositionPermanent
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