7 April 2014 | Animal Health | 6403 views

Animal Health and Welfare framework

The National Animal Health and Welfare Framework has been an important planning and prioritisation tool since its introduction following the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak of 2001. It was created in partnership between Defra, the Welsh Government and local authority representatives and has been updated frequently to reflect changing circumstances and requirements. Five service delivery priorities were introduced for 2013/14 and are retained for 2014/15.

These do not replace the full range of national priorities set out in the framework; they are intended to assist local authorities prioritise service delivery and take account of national and local priorities.

The five service delivery priorities are: Inspections at high risk premises and Critical Control Points Intelligence/complaint led enforcement Visits and/or interventions with new livestock keepers Contingency Planning Data capture of sheep movements (AMLS2) and compliance and enforcement activity (AMES) Defra is working to put in place a new sheep movement database for April 2014 and once in place the need for AMLS2 data entry will be removed.

The Animal Health and Welfare framework 2014/15 document, published here will serve to assist local authorities in their budgetary and service planning processes for animal health and welfare service delivery for the forthcoming 2014/15 year. The Animal Health and Welfare Framework 2013/14 document (published on 4 December 2012) continues to be the appropriate guidance for local authorities until 31 March 2014.