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SEPRA Market Report - 17th October 2014

Demand is quiet according to most sources, but at the same time there appears to be no surpluses. There has been some cheaper French eggs coming into the country mostly in Southern England but some have appeared in Scotland mostly in the very bottom of the wholesale market.
There is being a lot of eggs exported from the EU to the Middle East and Africa.
It’s only a week till the clocks change (25th October) this usually triggers an increase in demand when consumers start changing their eating habits to winter, to something warm with eggs being part of it.
Cascading is rearing its head again from Brussels, many Northern European countries especially Scandinavia do not allow cascading but their egg production is predominantly Barn with no need to cascade.

The UK has the highest level of Organic and Free Range production in the EU, if cascading is to be banned this might reduce the alternative systems production as with the higher costs of production no one could afford to have a surplus.

This might affect Free Range sales in particular and could also be deemed as controlling the market.