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BFREPA Producer of the Year (16k and under) - William & David Maughan

William and David Maughan have been in egg production for 15 years, and have a well presented site with good bio-security.  The hens range well on semi mature mixed variety tree planting including apples.  Grass cover is good with additional range enhancement “toys” and fox proof fencing present an excellent overall image of FREE RANGE.
Very good egg production figures focussing on control of egg size to maintain shell quality and therefore maximise profitability but also promoting hen longevity and welfare.
William and David have showed that attention to detail has been key to their success.  They have experimented with innovative use of shade and shelter range enhancement and opening mesh covered pop holes from day one has seen the number of birds ranging improved.
The Maughans are actively involved in the farming community with William as branch chairman in the Durham NFU.  William and David promote FREE RANGE in local press, ‘The Newcastle Journal’ by providing articles and letters to support and promote free range egg production.