Quicke Q6M with Q Companion

Q-companion is an innovative driver support feature for the Quicke Q-series front loaders. It helps you work efficient and safe with your loader. The system includes a position monitor that shows you the implement angle and height on a display inside the tractor cab, helping you work with better precision and safety. The on-board weighing function saves time during the daily work, by letting you know how much lift force remains and how much weight you have loaded. Also, the Q-companion tells you when it is time to re-torque hardware and time to grease the loader. Now Q-companion also comes with an app and a web service which lets you transfer your work results to the cloud for secure storage, while at the same time making your information available for follow-up anywhere and anytime. The app allows you to: • Manage the work activities on your farm and easily document the results • Find and summarize work results thanks to an easy-to-use web interface with calendar and filtering functions • Conveniently keep track of how many lifts were performed or how much weight has been lifted to better understand material flows • Easily transfer work results from the Q-companion display into the app using wireless transfer • Have convenient access to information about your loader and implements, including the loader manual, quickly accessible inside the app