'Professional raid': 178 pigs stolen from farm in Cheshire

178 pigs have been stolen from a farm in Cheshire (Stock photo)
178 pigs have been stolen from a farm in Cheshire (Stock photo)

A farmer has taken to social media to express her horror when she found out that 178 of his pigs were stolen either last night or this morning.

178 finished pigs were stolen between 6pm last night (12 September) and 7am this morning (13 September) from Frodsham, Cheshire.

Jess Warburton took to social media to say that the site was subject to a professional raid.

She said bolt cutters were used to gain access to the shed and loading bay and what is thought to be an articulated lorry (possibly cattle/sheep truck) used to take the pigs.

She said on a Facebook post: "The thieves knew exactly what they were looking for and took the biggest pigs from the batch.

"The police are involved and have been on site but clearly the urgency now is trying to identify where the pigs have gone so that we may be able to catch those responsible.

"On that basis, please can you share this information as far and wide as you are able and if you hear about or are offered any pigs for sale in unusual circumstances please do let us know ASAP."

If you have any information regarding this crime please dial 101