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12 July 2018 14:18:42 |Cattle,Finance,Meat,News,Supermarkets

1,600 beef farmers set to receive better prices due to new Tesco contract

Beef farmers will benefit from a new contract as Tesco relaunches Sustainable Farming Group

Beef farmers will benefit from a new contract as Tesco relaunches Sustainable Farming Group

1,600 farmers are set to benefit from a new 12 month contract with Tesco which will guarantee a price above the standard market rate for beef.
Tesco has announced it will continue its multi-million pound investment in the growth of the British Aberdeen Angus herd.
The Aberdeen Angus farmers are located across the UK and supply Tesco with all its 'Finest range' beef steaks, mince and joints.
Aberdeen Angus beef is recognised for its quality, and all the cuts included in Tesco’s range are aged for 28 days.
To coincide with the introduction of the new contracts, Tesco is re-launching its Tesco Sustainable Farming Group for Beef.
The Group becomes the 10th Tesco Sustainable Farming Group following the setting up of groups in areas including dairy, pork, lamb, poultry, eggs, potatoes and brassicas.

The groups provide a forum to discuss sustainable production, customer needs, quality standards and how the retailer and its supply base can work more closely together.
Tesco’s Commercial Director for Fresh Food, George Wright said the retailer is committed to building "long-term, transparent partnerships" with farmers.
"These new contracts and the reformation of our Sustainable Farming Group for beef strengthens the partnerships we have with our farmers and means they can build their businesses and invest for the future, while providing our customers with the best quality British beef,” Mr Wright said.
Animals are reared to Red Tractor welfare standards and Tesco’s Beef Livestock Codes of Practice.


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